Tips For When You Buy Anthurium Flowers

Old Anthurium Flowers

Old Anthurium Flowers: You might want to make sure you are getting fresh flowers.

When ordering anthurium flowers, there are a few things that you should know. The difference between knowing and not knowing these things can be the difference between being happy or being unhappy with your purchase.

Firstly, the number one rule is to know exactly what you are ordering. Just about all websites will show you pictures of beautiful anthurium bouquets, whether they are selling bouquets or loose flowers. But if you unknowingly order loose flowers and are expecting a bouquet you will be sorely disappointed. The key here is to read the details on what you are ordering and to ask if the description is unclear.

If you are ordering a bouquet, you can skip over the tips that follow. But if you are ordering loose anthurium flowers, read on.

If you live in a region that gets cold during the winter, be very careful when ordering at this time. Anthurium flowers are extremely sensitive to frost and can be damaged by exposure to cold temperatures when in transit. So, if at all possible, order during a warmer time of the year. Or if you simply have to order during the wintertime, choose the fastest shipping option available and request that they be shipped in an insulated box. And be sure that you are home to receive them immediately upon delivery, as they don’t take well to sitting on a freezing door step.

To get the freshest flowers and best selection, only buy when they are plentiful. Anthurium plants are most productive during the spring and summer growing seasons. If you order during these times there is often an excess supply of flowers and this will ensure that you get the best flowers. If you order during the winter, when flowers are scarce, you may end up getting leftovers. Keep in mind that winter and summer are reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres. So Costa Rica’s summer occurs during December, while Hawaii’s summer occurs during June.

Finally, when your order arrives, unpack your flowers immediately. Clip a half an inch of the bottom of their stems and place them in water right away. Clipping their stems is absolutely vital; since, your flowers will be in a dry box during transit the pores in the bottom of their stems close up as they dry out. If you were to place them in water without trimming them, they will remain closed, and not absorb water.

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