Anthurium Care Mini-Course

Anthuriums on Our Farm

Anthuriums on Our Farm

Are you slowly killing your anthurium plant?

My family and I have been growing anthuriums for over thirty years on the Island of Hawaii. Over the years we have learned a few tips and secrets to anthurium care.

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  • How to keep your anthurium plant alive
  • Ways to avoid pests and diseases
  • How to recognize nutrient deficiencies
  • The two deadly watering mistakes
  • What to do about yellowing leaves
  • How to keep the devastating blight away
  • What to do if your plant stops flowering
  • How to prevent root rot

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Hawaii’s Must-See Destinations:

  • Where to see a fully restored Hawaiian village
  • How to get the most stunning view of the Hamakua coast
  • The name of one of the world’s best beaches

Anthurium Flower Secrets:

  • How to make your flowers last up to twice as long
  • Tips for weddings and special occasions
  • Mistakes to avoid when ordering anthurium flowers


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