Anthurium Hawaii is about anthuriums from Hawaii. Here you will learn about anthurium flowers, anthurium care and anthurium plants. A few tidbits about anthuriums follow below, but please check out the rest of my site if you want to learn more about anthuriums.

The anthurium originated in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America and it was brought to Hawaii in the late 1800s. For a long time people grew them as novelties in their backyards, but in the 1940s a whole industry developed around anthuriums in Hawaii as people started breeding them to produce new varieties and growing them on farms.

Anthurium plants make great house plants and as long as you can remember to water them, they are easy to care for. Anthurium flowers make great holiday gifts as they can brighten up a room that is darkened by winter’s gloom.

This only scratches the surface of this topic, so please explore my site if you would like to learn more about anthurium flowers.

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