Red Anthurium Flowers and Plants

Red Anthurium Flower

Red Anthurium Flower, Price: $3.25

Our red anthurium flowers are the perfect gift when you want to express a burning passion for that special someone in your life. Red is the color of passion and love, and it is also the color of bravery, strength and courage under fire. We sell large red anthuriums for only $3.25 per stem. We will soon be offering top cuttings of red Princess Lily Anthuriums for $29 per plant.

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Red Anthurium Flowers

A number of years ago, before plant breeders started working with them, anthuriums were much plainer than they are now. They produced smaller, less colorful flowers. Thanks to the effort of plant breeders, today, we have a plethora of shapes, colors and sizes. One of the original colors produced by the plant breeders is red. Because of this, red anthuriums were one of the first commercial varieties of anthurium flowers.

Red Anthurium Plants

Red Anthurium Plants

Red Anthurium Plants, Price: $29

There are a number of varieties of red anthurium plants. Varieties include: Kozohara, Ozaki, Starlight Red, Princess Lily and New Pahoa Red. The Kozohara and Ozaki are among the older varieties and the other varieties are slightly newer. The major weakness of the red varieties is that the majority of them are highly susceptible to bacterial blight, though the University of Hawaii and other breeders have been hard at work at creating blight tolerant varieties.

Anthurium Blight

Several decades ago the emergence of the bacterial blight nearly wiped out the industry because the majority of the flowers grown were red and hence highly susceptible to the blight. Fortunately, better sanitization practices and the cultivation of blight resistance varieties have allowed red flowers to stage a comeback.

Red Anthurium Care

Aside from taking precautions against the blight, caring for red varieties is fairly similar to other varieties. And assuming that you are raising only a few potted plants in your home, you probably don’t even have to take precautions against the blight; provided that your plants aren’t located right next to each other and you don’t visit any anthurium farms.

Essentially, find a warm area for your red anthuriums. Next, make sure that this area receives bright, but indirect sunlight, so that your plant won’t be burnt by the sun. Then pay close attention to how you water them. Give them a little water everyday and make sure that the excess water is allowed to drain out of their pots. Not allowing water to drain is the second biggest reason for dead plants. Of course the first reason is not remembering to water them at all.

So this is really all you need to know about red anthurium plants. They are very easy to care for. They are much like regular anthurium plants. They are one of the oldest commercial varieties. And they have a susceptibility to blight, but this is not a big deal if you are not raising them in commercial quantities.

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