Purple Anthurium: An Anthurium Andraeanum and Amnicola Hybrid

Purple Anthurium Flower

Purple Anthurium Flower

Purple anthurium plants produce a stunning tulip shaped flower in a very pleasing shade of purple. As you may already know, originally, anthuriums didn’t come in very many colors. In fact most of the colors that you see today were developed after the 1940s. Purple is a color that is even newer than that. I believe that it was first developed sometime after 1980.

Purple Anthurium Origins

This flower was created by crossing anthurium andraeanum with amnicola to produce a hybrid named andreacola. Andreacola appears to have inherited the best traits of both of its parent species. From the amnicola it received its ability to produce tulip shaped flowers, its compact size and its resistance to the bacterial blight. From the andraeanum it received an ability to produce larger flowers and a multitude of colors, which, of course, includes purple.

Tulip Anthurium Cut Flowers

As a cut flower, they are perfect for smaller arrangements because they are slightly smaller than regular anthuriums. They have a great vase life and will last for several weeks. They look great when arranged with pink and pastel green anthuriums or when arranged with white orchids. Another thing that sets this variety apart is that sometimes these flowers will have a very pleasant scent. Just about all other anthurium flowers are unscented, but sometimes these flowers have a great fragrance.

Excellent House Plants

They also make excellent houseplants. They are more compact than other varieties so they take up less space in your house. Furthermore they are even hardier than other varieties, so they are even easier to care for. The fact that they are blight resistant is another positive factor. This makes for one less thing that you have to worry about.

Ordering Tips

If you do decide to order one of these plants, try to order during a time of the year where the average daily temperature is 70 degrees and the range of temperatures is narrow. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold, during shipping, may harm these plants while they are in transit.

Taking Care of Your Purple Anthurium Plant

After you order, aim to have a spot for your new plant set up before it arrives. The ideal location has a number of characteristics. First, the temperature should be near 70 to 80 degrees and it should not fluctuate much from this ideal. Second, this spot should be well lit but it must not receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn your plant. Third, high humidity is ideal, but you can compensate for low humidity by misting your plant with water every day.

As far as caring for your new plant, the main this is: remember to water it regularly. Ideally, you should water it everyday. This is what wild anthuriums are accustomed to receiving in the rain forest, but you must also make sure that all of the water drains away from the roots of your plant rapidly. If the roots remain in contact with water for too long they can suffer root rot and this can harm your plant.

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