Obake Anthurium: How To Breed New Obake Anthurium Flowers

Obake Anthurium

Obake Anthurium

I think obake anthurium flowers are the most beautiful variety of anthurium flowers. They come in an incredible variety of colors and usually each flower has a mix of colors rather than being a single solid color. Furthermore, they are much bigger and showier than regular anthuriums. Today, I would like to give you a brief overview of how to breed them. Selective breeding is what growers use to create new and even more impressive varieties of obake anthuriums.

Everything starts with selecting two plants that have interesting characteristics. There are a number of characteristics that a grower may be looking at, size, shape, color and color patterns are all important factors. Generally, if you want to produce a new obake, both parent plants should have the obake characteristics of multiple colors and an elongated spathe. But, sometimes you can’t find an obake with the desired color, so you may choose to have only one obake parent plant.

Once the parent plants are chosen, you have to wait until one of the plants grows a flower and produces pollen. You will then have to gather the pollen. This is done by using a small brush to brush pollen off the stamen into a small jar. If the other parent plant has a receptive flower, you can then dust the pollen onto its stigma. But if the other plant doesn’t have a receptive flower you will have to freeze the pollen until it is ready for use.

Finally, you have to wait until seeds form. This can take a really long time, up to a year or more. Once the seeds have matured, they are planted. And even more waiting is required. You can end up waiting up to two to three years for the new plants to produce flowers. Then and only then will you be able to see if your efforts to produce a new and interesting obake anthurium were successful. If you find an obake anthurium flower that you like, you can take it to a lab and have it tissue cultured and create millions of copies of it.

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