How To Take Care Of Anthurium Plants

Pink Anthurium Plants

Pink Anthurium Plants

Anthuriums produce the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day and are excellent symbols of love, because they are shaped like hearts and they come in the color red. They make excellent houseplants and taking care of anthurium plants isn’t too difficult if you follow these tips.

Water them regularly. You never want to let their soil get bone dry, but you also do not want to drown them either. If you let their soil get too dry, when you water them again they will have a difficult time absorbing water again. But if you do not allow the water to drain fully, they can suffer from root rot. Another component of proper drainage comes from the soil that your plants are potted in. If the soil doesn’t drain well, you should repot your plants into a potting soil that drains better.

Give them the correct amount of light. Direct sun light is bad for these plants, it can burn their leaves and flowers. Bright, indirect sun shine is best. If they do not get enough light, they will stop flowering and their growth will slow. Often you will see their leaves getting elongated and turning dark green if they aren’t getting enough light. So make sure that you give them the right amount of light.

To ensure that they grow evenly, turn the pot that they are planted in a little bit, once a week. These plants grow towards the sun and this will ensure even growth. If you watch them closely, you will see that they will orient their leaves and flowers to face the sun.

Clean your plants periodically. Spray a little water on the top and bottom of their leaves and use a soft cloth to wipe off the water. This will remove any pests and dust from your plants. This will help to keep them healthy and make their leaves look nice and shiny too.

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