Anthurium Gift Ideas

Purple Tulip Anthurium Plants

Purple Tulip Anthurium Plants

Anthurium flowers and anthurium plants from Hawaii make excellent gifts. Anthurium flowers are some of the longest lasting flowers around. Some varieties can last more than a month. Anthurium plants are sturdy and easy to grow, and they lend a great tropical feel to any room.


Hawaii has a long history with anthuriums. Anthuriums were brought here back in the late 1800s and the anthurium industry officially began around 1950, which is just a decade before Hawaii became the fiftieth state.

Complete anthurium arrangements can be ordered from most flower shops. But if you are willing to arrange the flowers personally, for the person you are giving them to, you can save some money by ordering loose flowers directly from farms here in Hawaii. They will arrive carefully packed in a box, separated by layers of shredded paper to cushion them while they are in transit. Make sure that they are shipped to you using either first day or second day air. Anything longer than this and they may not arrive in great condition. Also, make sure that you are home to receive them, when they arrive.

Anthurium plants can also be purchased from a variety of locations. Sometimes you can find them at a local garden shop or at a nursery that is near you. But you probably won’t be able to find the full set of varieties that you could find if you ordered them directly from Hawaii. Nurseries in Hawaii offer a greater selection, because many of the more interesting varieties were developed here.

As far as what cultivars to buy, if the recipient of your gift knows nothing about gardening, I would recommend sticking with Andreacola or Amnicola cultivars as they are easier to grow. But if the recipient has some gardening skills, an Andreaenum cultivar would make an excellent gift. It produces bigger flowers and comes in a wider assortment of shapes and colors.

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