Hawaii Beaches: A Guide to Hawaii’s Best Beaches

Hawaii is home to all sorts of wonderful things. It has beautiful flowers like: hibiscus, orchids, plumeria, heliconia and anthurium flowers. It has interesting animals like the nene, hawaiian owl and the monk seal. It is also home to a number of wonderful beaches like Barking Sands, Waikiki Beach, Hapuna and Green Sands.

One of the most majestic white sand beaches in the world is Hapuna Beach. It is probably the most popular beach on the island of Hawaii and it tops many lists of the world’s best beaches. Its sapphire water and powdery white sand make it a favorite of both tourists and locals. When the waves are small it is the perfect beach for snorkeling and swimming. But when the waves are big its wide berth of soft, white sand make it the perfect place for catching some rays.

Barking Sands beach is located on the island of Kauai. It is hard to get to this beach because it is located on a military installation. It possesses incredible white sands and is generally not crowded at all. No one really knows how it got its name. Some say that it received its name because a barking sound could be heard from the friction of running on its sands, but this is only a myth. Others say that the waves crashing on the shore sounds like barking. But no one really knows.

Now for something way out of the ordinary, Hawaii even has a green sand beach. What makes the sand green is a mineral called olivine, which is common in volanic rocks. Very few people get to see Green Sand Beach, because it takes an arduous five mile hike to get there unless you have an off-road vehicle. But, once you get there, you will be greeted with bright green sand and a beach that is almost never crowded.

Waikiki Beach is the beach that everyone thinks of when they think of beaches in Hawaii. It is probably the most famous beach in Hawaii. It has awesome white sand and it is a favorite of everyone who visits. It is the beach where the great Duke Kahanomoku taught many celebrities how to surf. You simply should not visit Hawaii without checking out Waikiki Beach. Sure, its crowded, but you just have to visit to get a taste of history.