Green Anthurium aka Midori Anthurium Plants

Green Anthurium

Green Anthurium, Price: $3.50

So far no one has been able to breed a blue anthurium, though I am sure that if scientists put their minds to it they could do so, much like they have done to create blue roses in the lab. As of now, the closest we can come to blue is the color green, at least green is next to blue in rainbows. Green anthurium plants are also known as Midori anthuriums.

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Green Anthurium Origins

This variety was created by a grower named Calvin Hayashi in 1985, right here, on the Big Island of Hawaii. I believe that the Midori is one of the most innovative varieties as it was the first and still the only variety of anthurium that is truly green. There are other varieties that may have some green in them or possess an off shade of green, but only the Midori is just solid green.

Vase Life
Another trait that makes this variety special is its vase life. It has one of the longer vase lives of all of the anthurium flowers. It can last a month or even more in a vase, if handled properly after being harvested. Proper handling consists of trimming half an inch off the bottom of their stems as soon as you receive them, placing them in clean water and making sure you put them in a room where the temperature stays close to 70 degrees.

An Interesting Phenomena
One interesting thing you’ll notice if you buy a green anthurium plant is something that growers actually try to avoid. When these flowers are left on the plant for too long, they start to change color. Growers obviously do not want to see this happen, but if you are like me, you’ll find that this actually makes them look even more interesting. If you leave the flowers on your plant, rather that putting them in a vase, you’ll find that they will develop copper colored highlights that contrast nicely with their regular smooth green surface.

Midori Anthurium Care

Green Anthurium Plants

Green Anthurium Plants, Price: $29.00

To keep your Midori alive, the number one rule is: don’t forget to water it. If you remember only one thing from this article, I hope that you remember that. These plants need to be watered regularly; they come from rain forests, after all. Next, after watering, make sure that all excess water is drained away and removed from the pot. If water is left in the pot it can cause the root system of your plant to rot away. Always, keep your plant in a room with a stable temperature, around 70 degrees. You can put it near a window, but block direct sunlight with a thin, gauzy curtain, so that your plant can receive filtered sunlight to avoid burning. Finally, give it a small amount of slow release fertilizer before the growing season in your area.