Obake Anthurium: How To Fertilize An Obake Anthurium

Obake Athuriums produce some of the biggest and most beautiful anthurium flowers. Their flowers are much bigger and wider than regular anthuriums and they are also much more colorful. Usually they will produce flowers that have two or more colors. If you have a prized obake anthurium and you want it to produce the biggest and best flowers that it is capable of producing, this is what you need to do.

Obake Anthurium: Red and Green

Obake Anthurium: Red and Green

Sure, you could take the easy way out and utilize slow release fertilizer, and just apply it twice per year and be done with it. This is simple and easy to do. But this will not enable your plant to live up to its full potential. Doing this will keep it healthy and allow it to produce reasonable flowers.

If you want your plant to produce the best flowers that it is capable of producing, you need to use an approach that takes a lot more work. But if you have a highly prized plant the extra work will be worth it, when you see your plant growing well and producing amazing flowers.

What you need to do is feed it with liquid fertilizer. You will need to dilute the liquid fertilizer to roughly ten percent of the strength recommended on the label and you will need to apply it every week on a consistent basis. Make sure a little fertilizer gets poured on your plant’s leaves and stalk, in addition to its roots, because your plant can absorb nutrition through these areas too.

Watch out if the leaves on your obake anthurium plant turn yellow or brown, as this is a sign that it is getting too much fertilizer. If this happens, flush out the fertilizer with a dose of water and reduce the amount of fertilizer that you are applying. If you follow this routine consistently, your plant will grow faster and produce bigger and better flowers.

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