Are You Slowly KILLING Your Anthurium?

From: Leslie ShigekaAnthurium Care Made Simple

Dear Friend,

You might be slowly killing your anthurium and not even know it.

Has your anthurium stopped blooming or has its leaves started to turn yellow?

These are early warning signs that your anthurium may not be getting the care that it needs.

Now I know that you love your anthurium plant and would never do anything to harm it.

But are you doing everything in your power to keep it healthy?

Are your watering practices leading to deadly root rot? Or do you know what to do to prevent the devastating anthurium blight, which can kill up to 95% of the anthurium plants that it infects?

Almost all anthurium problems are easily preventable with the proper care.

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Just imagine knowing what to do to prevent the deadly anthurium blight or what to do if your anthurium stops producing flowers.

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Now I Know What You Are Thinking

You are thinking: "Why should I buy this eBook, when I can read all about anthurium care on the internet?"

Sure, you can do your own research on the internet on how to solve the problem that your anthurium is facing. But just five minutes of research will tell you that there is a lot of conflicting advice out there.

How do you know who is right?

My family and I have been growing anthuriums commercially for over 30 years. In those thirty years, we have learned a thing or two about dealing with anthurium problems.

In the 1980s, we have seen whole anthurium farms decimated by the anthurium blight. We're talking about 90 to 95% of the plants in a given field being wiped out. 

Now, we made it through that horrible decade. Not unscathed, but with fewer losses than most others. So perhaps I know a thing or two about anthurium care. And everything I know, I've put into "Anthurium Care Made Simple".

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Take A Look At What These People Are Saying About 
Anthurium Care Made Simple

"Thank you for writing this book. My PLANTS appreciate it!!!!!"

Photo of Brent

I’ve been an anthurium hobbyist-enthusiast for the past 6 years or so. It was my first job at a retail nursery Koolau Farmers in Kaneohe, HI that sparked my interest and passion in these particular plants. Currently I have over 50 different cultivars including many that were developed and hybridized in Hawaii and a handful originating from the Netherlands. Over the years I have managed to keep a lot of anthurium plants alive and thriving but at the same time probably have killed twice as many. There are many sites on the Internet as well as a few books that briefly explain about the care of anthuriums. Most sources however only touch on the basic care, which is limited to the type of potting mix to use and the temperature requirements. Your book “Anthurium Care Made Simple” is truly a SIMPLE guide that covers the A-Zs of anthurium care. It is written in everyday-easy to understand language; no difficult scientific terminologies or analysis that most people can’t understand. I wish I had this book sooner so that I could’ve save more of my plants; many that were hard to get and can no longer find growers for. I now know how to properly water the plants in order to prevent root rot, which was the culprit of most of my anthurium plant fatalities. I also have a better overview of the fertilizer properties and schedule to help my plants flower more frequently. All and all I thought this book was great. Thank you for writing this book. My PLANTS appreciate it!!!!!

Brent's Anthurium

-- Brent Robinson
   Kaneohe, Hawaii

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