How To Plant An Anthurium In A Pot

This is another article in my series of articles on anthurium care. In this article, I will discuss how to plant an anthurium in a pot. If you want to pot an anthurium, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

First you need to consider the size of the plant that you wish to pot. Is it coming from tissue culture or a top cutting? In general, tissue culture plants are tiny, so you can use a small two inch pot. But if you are taking a top cutting, you could be dealing with a medium to a large plant. So you may need a pot that is anywhere from four inches to twelve inches in size.

Second, you need to use the proper growing media. The most important factor when choosing a growing media is that it drains well. Excess water can allow anaerobic bacteria or fungus to grow. These organisms can kill your plant, so you have to make sure that the growing media does not hold excess water. Anything that adds porosity to your media works. You can use perlite, sand, gravel, wood chips, volcanic cinder or pumice.

Third, now that you have settled on a pot and the growing media, you will need to pot your plant. Take a scoop of growing media and put it on the bottom of the pot. Next, put your plant into the pot and put additional media into the pot, around your plant. Stop once you have filled the pot almost to the brim. Add a small dose of slow release fertilizer and that should do it.

Now that you have finished potting your plant, give it a thorough watering to allow the soil to settle and to hydrate your anthurium. Next, find a bright spot that is out of direct sunlight to put your newly potted anthurium. Finally, make sure that your plant doesn’t get to hot or cold: it is especially vulnerable after being potted. And make sure that you water it regularly.

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